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Hip Physical Examination

Hip joint examination for the non-arthritic hip, all exams should be performed on both sides. Starting with the iliopsoas strength and irritation test; supine hip flexion, internal and external rotation at 90 degrees. For femoral acetabular impingement and labral tears – the anterior impingement test and the labral stress test (which are very sensitive for internal hip pain). For posterior impingement and hip microinstability the FABER (Flexion Abduction External Rotation) test and Hyper Extension External Rotation test (HEER) will cause pain in the back and front respectively. The Stinchfield test (resisted hip flexion) which is also very sensitive for internal hip pain. The three active tests for Internal Snapping (Iliopsoas Snapping) test, which is positive with pain and not only clicking. The Ober test for iliotibial band tension (ITB) and last but not least the Sports Hernia (aka, Athletic Pubalgia) which is an important differential diagnosis for internal hip pain.