Dorian Yates comments on bench press risks and pec development

Dorian Yates talks about bench press and pecs development (in this video from 9’20 to 10’58) :
” (…) 95 % of bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters, that have a pec tear, I don’t even need to ask them how they did it, they did it on bench press, yeah, so bench press officialy is a shitty pec exercise, yeah, is very dangerous, you risk tearing your tendon, unless you’re a powerlifter don’t even do it, forget about it, forget about that exercise yeah, there are much more effective exercises for your pecs, decline press is way better, low incline’s way better, dumbell flyes are way better and you eliminate that injury risk, why risk getting injured for something that’s not really giving any benefit (…)”


2 thoughts on “Dorian Yates comments on bench press risks and pec development

  1. george-bulkupfast

    Having done a lot of bench recently (and worked up to a new 10RM) I can say that my shoulder joint and chest muscles are feeling the strain. I’ve just changed to db press to accommodate some active rest, first session today and the shoulders feel like they are saying thanks already.

    What is it about bench that is so bad, especially compared to incline or decline. Answers on a postcard please.

    1. Lloyd

      Those familiar with anatomy should know that the pec functions to bring the arms down and across the body. To put it simply the decline replicates a much more natural motion than the flat bench.

      The irony is you will see many lifters arch the back when lifting heavy – replicating the decline position anyway.


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