5000 IU D3 vitamin daily

“The Chicago Blackhawk team physicians began diagnosing and treating vitamin D deficiency in all Blackhawk players about 18 months ago. Apparently, most players are on 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. To confirm this assertion, simply ask the Blackhawk organization.

After many losing seasons, last year the Blackhawks came out of nowhere to get to the Western conference finals. This year the Blackhawks are playing even better.

According to my sources, improved athletic performance is only one of the benefits for the Blackhawk players. The other is a reduction in the number and severity of lower respiratory tract infections and a reduction in the number and severity of repetitive use injuries.

Source: http://www.michaelgundill.com/blog/214

One thought on “5000 IU D3 vitamin daily

  1. Torre Wenaus

    Vitamin D behaves in such a way inside the body so it is classified as a new hormone. It is linked to an important task generally known as the mineral homeostasis that refers to the regulation of the gene expression and even that of cellular difference. The Vitamin D could be the only known substance which stimulates doing this of absorption of calcium along with the phosphorus present in food into your small intestine, especially in the jejunum region, and also improves the kidney’s capacity in your re-absorption of calcium in addition to phosphorus, which makes it vital to maintain the concentration of these minerals in the act of blood and bone fragments mineralization. Therefore, it is mandatory for everybody to have sufficient Vitamin D levels into their body.


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