About Scott Abel

About Scott Abel

“Scott Abel has been coaching, training, and making champions in bodybuilding for almost 25 years. He has trained some of the most well known legends in the sport, and has written for many magazines as well. He has literally made hundreds of bodybuilding champions in his career and has traveled the world doing it. Scott was educated at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario Canada, where he also earned several academic scholarships for intellectual proficiency.

During his involvement in bodybuilding Scott has formulated the Innervation Training System, The Cycle Diet, and now his Hybrid System of Training he calls MET Training. (Metabolic Enhancement Training)

Before retiring from his own physical pursuits, Scott was an in demand Guest Poser, and was and is still known as the coach who practices what he preaches, and is always in shape.

Scott has since turned his attention to coaching non competitors and those in the amateur ranks, as well as maintaining his professional clientele. He has been writing on various aspects of the Bodybuilding and Strength Training Industry. He is currently doing research on the subject of the Metabolic Damage that’s been a consequence of the explosion in Figure competitions and extreme diet rebounds of competitors.

He regularly lectures on all aspects of training and diet and is well known in the bodybuilding community, as beyond a trainer, but a true coach, on all levels of performance enhancement, not just limited to training, but mental and emotional approaches to achievement as well. You can learn more about Scott and his unique approach to bodybuilding at his website scottabel.com, or from his many Blogs as well.

His first book on Program Design and Coaching Strategy should be available soon. You can also check out his latest DVD project at http://www.scottabel.com/met_dvd.html.”

Source:  tmuscle.com

INNERVATION Training videos

“Innervation Training is a methodology of training developed by Scott for clients seeking physique enhancement. Most trainers in Scotts day developed training protocol based upon research of the musculoskeletal system. Scott departed from such traditional archaic thinking and developed his Innervation Training based on research to do with the neuromuscular system. While traditionalists of his day focused training methodologies on everything to do with strength and strength research, Innervation Training is based upon Intensity and all concepts to do with intensity, including but not limited to, strength concerns. Many new and innovative concepts were born from the Innervation Training Methodology and the number of champions it has produced from previously beginner athletes is a testament to its effectiveness. Think of Innervation Training and Functional training as two parallel one-way streets. Both involve, to the greatest extent, the concept of Intensity.”

Source: youtube.com

INNERVATION Training videos

MET (Metabolic Enhancement Training) videos

Coach Em’ Up videos

Scott Abel articles on t-muscle.com


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